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Handling CSV file in PHP

A CSV file is useful to store a tabular data in plain text. It is widely used for data exchange in business and scientific applications.

In this post, We’re going to handle csv in different ways.

Using functions

1) Write csv file using fputcsv

2) Read csv file using fgetcsv

Using SplFileObject class

1) Write a file

2) Read a file

Using SplFileObject::READ_CSV constant we can read lines as CSV rows.

Using League package

Csv is a Framework-agnostic library to ease CSV parsing, writing and filtering in PHP with simple API.

Installation Using Composer

1) Write a file

2) Write and download file

3) Read a file

4) Read and download file

Even there are many handy and useful functions available in this library like validation, sorting etc. for more checkout it’s official documentation.

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